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Date  Followers Following Uploads
2019-03-06 Wed 134,088,255 - 348 - 4,125 -
2019-03-07 Thu 134,154,010 +65755 348 - 4,127 +2
2019-03-08 Fri 134,339,474 +185464 348 - 4,130 +3
2019-03-09 Sat 134,395,136 +55662 348 - 4,131 +1
2019-03-10 Sun 134,539,896 +144760 348 - 4,135 +4
2019-03-11 Mon 134,653,096 +113200 348 - 4,138 +3
2019-03-12 Tue 134,705,053 +51957 348 - 4,139 +1
2019-03-13 Wed 134,780,962 +75909 348 - 4,140 +1
2019-03-14 Thu 134,875,128 +94166 348 - 4,140 -
2019-03-15 Fri 135,104,573 +229445 348 - 4,142 +2
2019-03-16 Sat 135,270,028 +165455 348 - 4,143 +1
2019-03-17 Sun 135,376,102 +106074 348 - 4,146 +3
2019-03-18 Mon 135,488,123 +112021 349 +1 4,152 +6
2019-03-19 Tue 135,662,560 +174437 349 - 4,155 +3
2019-03-20 Wed 135,744,805 +82245 349 - 4,157 +2
Total Summary +1656550 +32

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Current Stats 2019-03-20 135,744,805 4,157
30 days 2019-04-19 139,567,615 4,247
60 days 2019-05-19 143,390,425 4,337
3 months 2019-06-18 147,213,235 4,427
6 months 2019-09-16 158,681,665 4,697
9 months 2019-12-15 170,150,095 4,967
1 year 2020-03-19 182,255,660 5,252
1 year and half 2020-09-17 205,447,374 5,798
2 years 2021-03-19 228,766,515 6,347
Based on an average of +127,427 followers /day +3 uploads /day

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< 1,000 8%
< 5,000 5.7%
< 10,000 4%
< 100,000 2.4%
100,000+ 1.7% therock 1.22%

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View Post My #ProjectRock1s👟 are @underarmour’s #1 SELLING training shoe - and new color ways drop TOMORROW.
It’s time to Bend Boundaries. 
Get yours TOMORROW 3/21 👟🔥 2019-03-20 video My #ProjectRock1s👟 are.. 94,444 974
View Post Good thing I have long arms 🤳🏾 to get the entire crowd in one shot. 
Such a flattering angle shooting directly up my shnoz👃🏾 #Surprise #AudienceFirst 2019-03-20 image Good thing I have long ar.. 173,934 813
View Post Train your wheels ⛓
✔️out my NEW BAD ASS BLACK👟#ProjectRock HOVR Phantoms dropping THIS THURSDAY from my @underarmour #BendBoundariesCollection. 
And you asked for it, so yes, my new hoodie comes precut for your comfort. 
Welcome to my IRON PARADISE ~ where everyday is leg day. 
DROPS THIS THURS 👟🔥 2019-03-19 video Train your wheels ⛓ ✔.. 816,217 6,858
View Post This THURSDAY my new #NastyWhites 👟 drop for @underarmour’s #1 selling #ProjectRock1s
As with every piece I deliver to you - I personally put it all thru the IRON PARADISE test. 
They passed 💪🏾
#NastyWhites #PR1s #BendBoundariesCollection
THIS THURSDAY 👟 2019-03-19 sidecar This THURSDAY my new #Nas.. 2,299,754 9,985
View Post This THURSDAY!
DO NOT GO GENTLE with Bulls & Bars. 
The hype is real for my new #ProjectRock @underarmour #BendBoundariesCollection drop. 
The solid ➖ represents the spirit of one of my favorite poems, DO NOT GO GENTLE, from Dylan Thomas. 
It’s my DNA and what binds us all together - we get knocked down, get back up, get our ass kicked or we’re handing out the ass kicking. 
Either way - we do not go gentle, into that good night. 
Have a productive week and enjoy the new training gear. 
DROPS THIS THURSDAY 2019-03-18 video This THURSDAY! DO NOT GO .. 767,338 5,511
View Post I’m on bended knee and she’s on her tip toes 😂
We road tripped down to Macon, to spend some good time with our Aunt Dorothy who’s 88yrs young. 
She’s the Queen of Gray, Georgia in Jones County with an amazing energy and like me, she has beautiful hair 😊
Funny cause it hit me yesterday as I was driving back to Atlanta, that my life is the craziest it’s ever been and I didn’t know much I TRULY NEEDED to go to a place where things can really slow down for me and I can just breathe and enjoy some good quality family. 
Hard to explain, but this was good for the soul. 
Aunt Dorothy said next time we come thru, give her 2 weeks and she’d cook for me 😂🙏🏾❤️
A much needed day. 
#Good4TheSoul #Breathe #Family #QueenOfJonesCounty 2019-03-18 image I’m on bended knee and .. 2,979,727 11,879
View Post Torch passed. Grateful. 
This past weekend @WWE celebrated the 17th anniversary of what was billed as “ICON vs ICON” to determine who would go down in @WWE history as THE GREATEST OF ALL TIME. 
It was yours truly, VS The Immortal Hulk Hogan at WrestleMania. 
What made this match so special was that there was no Heavyweight Championship on the line. 
Just two men. 
Just two careers. 
And 85,000+ of the most insane ELECTRIC crowd I have ever had the privilege to perform in front of. 
It was almost as if every single person that night in the Toronto SkyDome made up their mind that they would give every ounce of energy they had because they knew this match was only going to be seen once in a lifetime. 
My friend and childhood hero, Hulk Hogan passed the torch to me on this historic night which decreed me becoming “THE GREATEST OF ALL TIME”, but the truth is - to me - the GOAT are the three men below who paved the way for me and so many others in pro wrestling/ 
I just worked very hard, connected with the audience and caught a break. These GOATS were good enough to recognize I had something to offer and graciously passed the torch.
Grateful. 2019-03-18 video Torch passed. Grateful. .. 2,147,376 19,818
View Post She’s the hardest worker in the room. 
My ace @lindseyvonn being the GOAT that she is killin’ it and bending boundaries in 
our FIRST EVER Women’s Project Rock Training shoe. 
About damn time. 
And it’s only the beginning. 
The PROJECT ROCK UA HOVR Phantom shoe for women drops THIS THURSDAY 3/21.
#ShesBad 2019-03-18 image She’s the hardest worke.. 1,109,909 3,262
View Post 1am and my post workout Buffalo 🐃 meat is a crackling. 
And my secret seasoning is a unique blend of salt and pepper but keep that shit between us. 
Happy St Paddy’s Day ☘️🖤🐃 🍚 2019-03-18 video 1am and my post workout B.. 732,854 4,827
View Post Sunday night. 11:35PM. Training wheels. 
This Kabuki squat bar will keep me up til 3am. 
Im up at 6am for work. 
Fack it 😈
#LetsWork #INeedWaffles 2019-03-18 image Sunday night. 11:35PM. Tr.. 1,523,425 5,041
View Post TONIGHT @8PM. 
We produced @BET’s #FindingJusticeBET to push for a deeper dialogue and expand perspective about injustices plaguing our communities. 
Hope you join us and we appreciate all your support. 
@sevenbucksprod 2019-03-18 video TONIGHT @8PM. We produce.. 356,390 1,859
View Post Don’t get too close kids, he bites. 
Great Saturday back session in the IP consisting of all giant sets. 
Pulled hard and pushed thru. 
Highly recommend. 
Enjoy your weekend my friends and get some. 
#IronParadise #EnterAtYourOwnRisk #LifeInsuranceOptional 2019-03-17 video Don’t get too close kid.. 1,948,937 14,311
View Post As the top bad guy in the @WWE wrestling business, I had two jobs/
1) was to make sure the top good guy - Stone Cold @steveaustinbsr always looked like a KING. 
And 2) to ALWAYS make the audience go f*cking bananas and send them home happy & buzzing. 
Even if it meant getting hit with the iconic “Stone Cold Stunner” while getting my bell rung and still trying to drink my beer 😂🤦🏽‍♂️
Me and this bald headed SOB help set attendance records in every arena across the country. 
A unique time when pro wrestling was on straight fire 🔥 
In honor of 3:16 DAY, I salute you my friend. 
Thanks for the incredible and fun memories and for taking this punk kid under your wing. 
All love & respect. 
#316DAY #SnakesAndBulls🍻 2019-03-17 video As the top bad guy in the.. 1,164,219 13,651
View Post This one’s for the hardest workers in the room. 
The disrupters who outwork all competition and also make weird savage grunts while training. 
THIS THURSDAY our biggest & most anticipated men’s & women’s #ProjectRock @underarmour collection drops. 
And when you receive the training gear, shoot a vid of yourself working out and tag #BendBoundariesCollection to show me how you’re killing it. 
Be ready. 
DROPS THIS THURSDAY!! 2019-03-16 video This one’s for the hard.. 630,552 4,623
View Post I’m sending a salute of respect & gratitude to the Blackhawk Squadron 🇺🇸 1st Armored Division 
for the honor of naming their tank (the most advanced in the world) Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. 
Heavy duty, bad ass, sexy AF and built to take care of business 😉 — but most importantly, thank you all for your service. 
Grateful to the bone. 
#BlackhawkSquadron #1stArmouredDivision #FortBliss #TheDRJ 
#BloodSweatRespect 2019-03-16 image I’m sending a salute of.. 2,076,018 12,886
View Post IN ONE WEEK - Rent’s Due. 
I train my wheels very hard and push past pain thresholds not just for gains, but for the mental nourishment of overcoming all my wrestling/football injuries. 
5 knee surgeries
Torn Achilles
Tore my quad and adductor tendons completely off my pelvis 
3 emergency hernia surgeries all at once
And finally, doctors tried to replace my cold black 🖤, but that’s just the cards I was dealt. 
IN ONE WEEK @underarmour’s biggest and most anticipated #ProjectRock collection drops. 
I don’t care about wins or loses - I care about life and overcoming personl challenges to achieve your own greatness. 
DROPS MARCH 21st. 2019-03-14 video IN ONE WEEK - Rent’s Du.. 1,634,014 17,205
View Post My asshole partner @jasonstatham likes European exotic sports cars that are tiny ~ like his brain. 
I prefer big boy American toys that straight up wreck shit ~ because I enjoy being subtle. 
This biggest showdown of the summer hits AUGUST 2nd. 
@sevenbucksprod 2019-03-14 video My asshole partner @jason.. 777,752 5,375
View Post Yes, you’re favorite band is back ~ lookin’ lean (ish) and mean. 
Even though things may not be as they seem 🤔 
So buckle up world because soon we’ll all play 
When a brand NEW JUMANJI drops this Holiday!
Oh the fun you’re gonna have. 
The Smoldering Dr. Bravestone 
📸 @hhgarcia41 2019-03-12 image Yes, you’re favorite ba.. 5,367,514 29,567
View Post On 3/21 my NEW #ProjectRock @underarmour training gear #BendBoundariesCollection is coming in hot🔥
“Dwayne Johnson Training” is @underarmour’s 1 SELLER because it’s rooted in a philosophy that’s not about wins or loses — it’s about life and the consistent hard work we have to put in daily to make our lives as great as they can possibly be. 
Life and living greatly. 
Oh and don’t skip leg day — chicken legs🦵🏾🐓😉ain’t sexy. 
Drops MARCH 21st.
📸 @perbernalphoto 2019-03-12 image On 3/21 my NEW #ProjectRo.. 3,357,592 19,602
View Post We are all in the same game, just different levels ~ dealing with the same hell, just different devils.
My NEW #ProjectRock @underarmour training gear for men and women drops 3/21. 
Designed for the hardest workers in the room. 
Be ready - MARCH 21st.
📸 @perbernalphoto 2019-03-11 image We are all in the same ga.. 2,989,175 14,100
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