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Girl from the South Side and former First Lady. Wife, mother, dog lover. Always hugger-in-chief. #IAmBecoming






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2019-04-13 Sat 29,018,412 +45105 7 +1 160 -
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2019-04-15 Mon 29,065,113 +24527 7 - 161 -
2019-04-16 Tue 29,104,410 +39297 7 - 162 +1
2019-04-17 Wed 29,124,091 +19681 7 - 162 -
2019-04-18 Thu 29,153,588 +29497 7 - 163 +1
2019-04-19 Fri 29,179,973 +26385 7 - 163 -
2019-04-20 Sat 29,184,577 +4604 7 - 163 -
2019-04-21 Sun 29,203,558 +18981 7 - 163 -
2019-04-22 Mon 29,219,052 +15494 7 - 164 +1
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3 months 2019-07-21 32,707,722 254
6 months 2019-10-19 36,196,392 344
9 months 2020-01-17 39,685,062 434
1 year 2020-04-21 43,367,547 529
1 year and half 2020-10-20 50,422,413 711
2 years 2021-04-21 57,516,042 894
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View Post Happy birthday to my big brother, Craig, who’s always been by my side whenever I’ve needed him. But what I love about Craig is he isn’t just that way around me. He’s always there for my mom, for his wife, and especially for his children. No matter what he’s got going on, he’s always making sure those around him know they’re loved. So today, I want him to know he is, too. Have a great day, @craigmalrob! 2019-04-21 sidecar Happy birthday to my big .. 879,873 4,708
View Post So proud of my girl! The Queen has done it again. @Beyonce, thank you for always living your truth. #BeyonceHomecoming 2019-04-18 video So proud of my girl! The .. 1,035,090 15,797
View Post I will never forget the first time I walked into the Notre Dame Cathedral. I was a teenager on a school trip to Paris. It was my very first international trip, and until then, I hadn’t seen much outside of the South Side neighborhood I grew up in. But the majesty of Notre Dame—the history, the artistry, the spirituality—took my breath away. The feeling was almost indescribable—a place that lifts you to a higher understanding of who we are and who we can be. Every time I’ve visited in the years since, including as First Lady, I felt the same thing. So being here in Paris tonight, my heart aches with the people of France. Yet I know that the Notre Dame I experienced all those years ago, as so many others have over the centuries, will soon awe us again. 2019-04-15 image I will never forget the f.. 916,064 4,528
View Post I’m traveling in Europe right now for my #IAmBecoming tour and my brother just sent me one of the best texts I’ve ever received.

My father gave us absolutely everything. The laughs and lessons, the hugs, the heartache from losing him—they’re all still there with me, every minute. Each of us has our own perspectives and emotions; our own journeys in the moment and in the years since. And that’s why it’s so important to share our stories with each other—not just to remember, but to connect. Even an ocean away. Love you, big brother. ❤️ 2019-04-14 image I’m traveling in Europe.. 764,344 9,145
View Post I’m so thrilled to be in Europe this week! We kicked off our trip in Copenhagen, tonight we’re in Stockholm, and we’ll also make our way to Oslo, London, Paris, and Amsterdam. I’m so excited to visit these beautiful cities and can’t wait to hear the inspiring stories from so many new faces. And I want to keep hearing from all of you! What questions do you have? Share in the comments below.👇🏾#IAmBecoming 2019-04-10 image I’m so thrilled to be i.. 885,604 12,946
View Post For as long as I can remember, my big brother Craig has always had my back. He's still one of my best friends today. Thanks for always coming out swinging for me, Craig! #NationalSiblingsDay 2019-04-10 image For as long as I can reme.. 971,455 4,815
View Post As you’ve seen, I’ve been highlighting amazing young people during #BlackHistoryMonth and #WomensHistoryMonth. And now that we’re in April, I realized I have so many more stories to share—so why not keep it going? 
Let me introduce you to 18-year-old Hannah Bajakian. I first met Hannah at the 2015 White House Mother’s Day Tea when she was an 8th grader from Ft. Drum, New York. She’d written to me about her dad, a lieutenant colonel in the Army, and all the service and sacrifice that comes with being a kid from a military family — moving to new schools, leaving friends, and witnessing her family's daily strength and perseverance while her father battled cancer and served through multiple deployments. But as I’ve seen so many times, kids growing up in military families develop the most incredible skills of resilience, integrity, and commitment to something larger than themselves. 
Now a high school senior, Hannah is valedictorian of her class. She played a lead role in her school’s production of Mamma Mia. And a few weeks ago, she was accepted to West Point, carrying on the family tradition of service to our country. I’m so proud of the woman Hannah is becoming and I can’t wait to see everything she accomplishes in the years ahead. #IAmBecoming #FlashbackFriday #ReachHigher 2019-04-05 sidecar As you’ve seen, I’ve .. 714,154 3,889
View Post Valerie was one of my earliest, and best, role models for how to be a confident woman and mother in the workplace. She helped me while I was #FindingMyVoice, and I'm so proud to see @valeriebjarrett helping others find and use their own voices. 2019-04-02 image Valerie was one of my ear.. 413,499 2,016
View Post When it comes to being a voter, there’s no such thing as an 2019-04-01 image When it comes to being a .. 147,520 933
View Post Congratulations to my amazing and extraordinarily talented friend, @ritawilson, on being honored with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame!  From your first star turn on The Brady Bunch, to producing your mega hits My Big Fat Greek Wedding and Mamma Mia, you are a true Hollywood legend. 2019-03-29 image Congratulations to my ama.. 593,621 2,700
View Post I met Charisma Quiroz when I visited the Gila River Indian Community in Arizona last month. She’s a first-generation college sophomore at the University of Arizona studying political science and environmental science. In addition to working hard in her classes, Charisma is involved with a program on campus that offers support to first-generation college students. After graduation, Charisma plans to bring her knowledge back to her tribe by focusing on agriculture and water rights in her community. She also wants to help other young people on tribal lands pursue higher education. Charisma is a terrific example of what happens when we invest in young women—they pay it forward with investments of their own.

Thanks for letting me share these inspiring stories with you during #WomensHistoryMonth! Do you know a young person who's changing their community? I want to hear about them — please share their story below! #IamBecoming #FlashbackFriday #ReachHigher 2019-03-29 image I met Charisma Quiroz whe.. 216,813 1,241
View Post What does it take to be a #BalancedBlackGirl? As I discussed with @balancedles at her #IAmBecoming book club meeting, there's no one-size-fits-all answer. For me, a big part of achieving balance is being connected to a community of women—soul sisters who are always there to lean on, and with whom I can just kick off my shoes and be myself. I'm talking about the kind of friends who are always there to lift me up, affirm me for who I am, and remind me that in order to do any good for anyone else, I’ve got to be good to myself and practice #SelfCare. What does being a #BalancedBlackGirl mean to you? I can’t wait to hear your answers! 2019-03-25 sidecar What does it take to be a.. 284,789 2,315
View Post Over the years, I’ve developed a real connection with a couple of girls’ schools in London. I see myself in these girls, and always have since I first visited the Elizabeth Garrett Anderson School in 2009. One of these young women is Nusrath Hassan. I first met Nusrath in 2009 and we caught up again last year when I visited London for my book tour. Today, she's about to graduate from law school, and she’s been fighting for women’s rights in the community she grew up and around the world. I am so proud of Nusrath—she’s using her voice not just to benefit herself, but to lift up girls everywhere. #IAmBecoming #WomensHistoryMonth #FlashbackFriday 2019-03-22 image Over the years, I’ve de.. 252,629 1,328
View Post Today I stopped by one of Portland's locally-owned bookstores, @BroadwayBooks, and spent time with a group of young professional women who are juggling careers, relationships, and children, and trying to find a little time for themselves too. We talked about the importance of self-care and finding a group of women to support us through all our ups and downs as we try to manage our chaotic lives. And you don’t have to be here in Portland to take part in this conversation—let me know what you and your book clubs have been discussing!
#IAmBecoming 2019-03-20 sidecar Today I stopped by one of.. 333,820 2,516
View Post Recently I sat down with some of @Youtube’s #BookTubers and creators to talk all things #IAmBecoming. We covered everything from marriage advice, to what it means to swerve, to my favorite books. Watch the full discussion at http://goo.gl/oggoh2. 2019-03-19 video Recently I sat down with .. 128,266 1,280
View Post There’s never a dull moment with you, Conan. Thanks for the laughs! Listen in at https://apple.co/TeamCoco. #IAmBecoming 2019-03-18 image There’s never a dull mo.. 187,665 897
View Post We’re halfway through #WomensHistoryMonth, and today I’m highlighting one of our country’s incredible military spouses—Kiesha Yokers, who came to my show in New York City in December with @bluestarfamilies. She’s a mother to two beautiful children. She’s a Navy wife. She’s an advocate for adoption. And she’s passionate about helping women of color build healthier lives. Like so many military spouses, she’s got a lot on her plate. After years of moving around the world with her Naval husband, Keisha stopped teaching elementary school to raise her two children. Soon enough, she decided to change her career path. Kiesha took the leap and started @greenandwellbeauty with the desire to see women of color live longer, healthier lives. It's become an inspiring and safe place to talk about issues close to Kiesha’s heart. Do you have a 2019-03-17 image We’re halfway through #.. 245,546 1,137
View Post While in Milwaukee, my friend Conan O’Brien and I surprised some high school juniors from across the city who were meeting with @reachhigher2020 to talk about their college dreams. We told them how proud we are of them, and we reminded them that so many people have their backs!

To the incredible young people out there, don't forget that I'm rooting for you every step of the way. I can't wait to see what you achieve! #ReachHigher 2019-03-16 sidecar While in Milwaukee, my fr.. 281,978 1,504
View Post It was such a treat to sit down with two book clubs from the Minneapolis-Saint Paul area for a conversation with women from so many different walks of life. But as so often happens, rather than focusing on surface-level differences, we talked about so many things we all share. This week, I hope you’ll try to do the same. Strike up a conversation with that coworker or neighbor you haven’t really had a chance to meet yet. By sharing our stories—our little joys and struggles—we can see what unites us. #IAmBecoming 2019-03-14 sidecar It was such a treat to si.. 230,651 1,302
View Post Still dancing at 110 years old—happy birthday, Virginia! 2019-03-12 image Still dancing at 110 year.. 2,219,202 15,797
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